Day 258: Friday Delights

The landscaper finally came back and has begun planting the Skip Laurels in the backyard. He also placed the French drain in the lawn.

I bought a bunch of cinnamon ferns from my egg farmer folks to plant around the deck since my lady ferns were not available. Rick, the egg guy, dropped them off and we had a delightful chat.

We had The Last Word Cocktails for our Friday cocktails.

Day 257: Garage Doors Redux

Something I still need to write about on CCL is about the year Jeremy painted the garage doors. I’ll eventually get there, but today’s delight can’t wait. I trust my brother does not read my blog.

So Jeremy’s been posting to Facebook status updates about artwork he’s been working on. Kevin asked if Jeremy could recreate the work he did on the garage doors and I suggested that he do that, but include Mom and Dad.

Jeremy said he’d give it a go after I sent him some photos of his work from decades ago. He’s been keeping me updated with Messenger and we hatched a plan to send the finished product to Kevin in time for his birthday later this month.

Below are images of the original garage doors and his new creations. I certainly hope Kevin likes them as much as I do. I’ve sent Kevin some frames so he can hang them on the wall.

Day 255: Putting a Slant on “Delight”, Plus Two New Stores

This morning, on my way to the garden beds to snap a photo of an iris in bloom, I twisted my ankle in a hole in the backyard. It didn’t hurt that much when I twisted it — I fell so maybe that helped. I did feel something snap, though which is worrying. While this is not a delight, I am delighted it wasn’t worse.

I took the photo of the iris, then immediately iced and elevated my ankle. I took it easy, then elevated and iced it again. I wrapped it and did some shopping. While it was tender, it never really hurt that bad. Time will tell!

For over a year I’ve been wanting to stop in at an Indian grocery store called Guru Groceries and Chaat House but never remembered it when I needed something they might sell, plus parking is not so easy at its location. We needed naan (normally these days I make it, but didn’t feel like doing so, especially after the ankle incident) so I thought I’d stop by there and buy some naan. I ended up buying the naan, a mango and some spices I was unable to find at Penzey’s.

Just around the corner is a Japanese grocery store that I’d not heard of. I stopped in there, but didn’t buy anything since we’re flush with Japanese staples.

Day 254: Conversations with Plants and Signs of Summer

I really love my houseplants. Every morning I walk around the house, telling the houseplants “good morning” as I check to see if they need to be watered. As I pass them during the day I feel a surge of happiness just seeing them on shelves. This is very new for me. I used to dread houseplants because I was very good at killing them. Now I am very good at keeping them alive (or at least choosing plants that don’t easily die).

This morning I saw my first-of-year pair of backyard Gray Catbirds. Delight! At dinner (on the deck) we heard the ice cream truck for the first time this year.