Day 9: Mostly Lists but [Trigger Warning] a Spider Too!

I am going to have to figure this retirement thing out. While I forced structure on my work life when I first began working from home in 2003, that never spilled over to my non-work life and I flitted from task to task, often finishing none of them. That’s what happened today (despite the list I mentioned below). I fear this is what retirement will be like — a whole bunch of unfinished tasks.

I make lists nearly every day to help me keep on track. My lists have always included some work-related tasks in addition to home related tasks. This morning, as I made today’s list, I was delighted to note that my lists would never again feature work-related tasks (unless of course I do some side PDF gigs) (and I’m not counting volunteer tasks as work).

Other delights included:

  • The blue jays, Carolina wren and crows that provided background music for my morning coffee in the lodge — formally known as the screened in porch until it became a three-season room.
  • My camera arrived!
  • I found an extra 32 gigabyte SD card for my new camera
  • The camera takes better photos than my phone (Neither photos on this page are very good, but the bottom shows the hairs on the legs of the spider)
  • The huge spider who built a web outside our kitchen door
This was taken with the new camera (the top photo was with the phone).

3 thoughts on “Day 9: Mostly Lists but [Trigger Warning] a Spider Too!

  1. Any day with a new camera is a delightful day!

    My tip for retirement is to keep some things for weekends. Or drop things (household chores, for eg) on the weekends. Gives a kind of structure for the week. But enjoy. It’s retirement! (And yes – retirement or unemployment still see me with a long list of unfinished /unstarted tasks!)


    1. All great suggestions, Mali. I’d hoped to save the weekends for adventures — but we’ve only had one weekend so far and adventures are kind of risky these days. I’ll figure it out. My SIL said it is weird at first.


      1. She’s right. I have to say, these days we leave adventures (usually) to the middle of the week, when we have places more to ourselves!


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