Day 10: The New Camera (mostly)

Still struggling with odd feelings of not-quite-rightness. Possibly with a little ennui tossed in. For instance, there are things I normally do on weekends — feed the sourdough starter is one, make bread is another, however I have no desire to do either, even though they must be done if I want to keep the starter alive and if we are to have homemade sourdough bread in the house.

The camera is turning out to be a true delight. Today I tried out the long lens (I am sure it has a better name — telephoto lens perhaps) and it took some decent photos. I’m still learning. Dean even gave it a go and remarked on how light it was. He was still not very enthusiastic about it, but at least didn’t complain about it.

Other delights today:

  • Reading and commenting on Lali’s blog again. I’d missed the entries from the beginning of the pandemic. Her writing is soothing.
  • A phone call from my SIL asking about my first (true) day and a half of retirement
  • More backyard birds (blue jays, northern cardinals, Carolina wrens, hairy woodpeckers, ruby-throated hummingbird, fish crows)
  • The return of the spider — it seems it likes the kitchen door in the late afternoons — I’d already taken out my contact lenses so didn’t try to take a photo this time.
  • The walk around the elementary school with Dean at lunchtime
Dean’s photo of a squirrel

7 thoughts on “Day 10: The New Camera (mostly)

  1. So glad you’re enjoying the camera! I love the pics. The squirrel one is great, but I have a thing about squirrels, because until I was 28, I never saw a squirrel outside of a TV screen. lol I’m about to go out for a short neighbourhood walk with my camera. I spied some kowhai in flower, and they attract the tui, so I’m hoping for a shot.

    It will take a while before the not-quite-rightness disappears. After all, you have 40+ years experience of working, and only 3 days experience of not working!

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  2. Wondering if Dean is getting along better with the camera now that he’s taken a fantastic photo. I want to know more about the camera—what kind, etc.!

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    1. It’s funny. I actually asked him about his lack of enthusiasm about the camera and he ignored my question. He did, though, take the camera from me when I told him how light it was compared to the one we got years ago. He kept it for the entire walk and snapped several photos. The squirrel one I posted was the best. I am kind of wondering if he feels bad that I gave away the older DSLR camera we had — neither of us could take good photos with it.

      It’s a Nikon D3500 (Digital SLR camera — very much an entry level, but I am an entry level photographer) and came with a general lens and a telephoto lens. A neighbor offered to loan me her Nikon macro lens and I am definitely going to take her up on her offer. I think that is the next lens I buy.


  3. I’m a big fan of squirrels and like the photo, but I really really like the one of the flower/butterfly.

    It must be weird going from full-time work to full-time retirement… but it also sounds really really wonderful.


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