Day 20: Found

A week ago in preparation for the protest I took my credit card and driver’s license out of my bright yellow Hobo wallet and put them into my small crossbody shoulder bag along with my phone, a spare mask and a small bottle of hand sanitizer. When I got back home I returned the credit card and drivers license to the wallet. That was the last time I remember seeing my wallet. I usually keep my wallet in whatever purse I have recently used or on the kitchen counter or in the utility drawer below that counter. A few days ago I received a message asking for a $20 donation for a gift for our postman. Because we are out of checks (Dean’s job is to order them but he forgot) I thought I’d use cash and walk up to the neighbor’s house and deliver the money in person. That’s when I really began looking for my wallet and yesterday and today I have been becoming more and more frantic about its whereabouts. I looked in the usual places, plus the car (what if we left the door unlocked and someone stole it?), other purses, my (newly organized) underwear drawer, all the drawers in the attic where I stash things to hide them from prying eyes on Zoom meetings, under the beds, the attic closet where I also stash things to hide them from sight, the give-away box, the list goes on…

Finally, I went into our guest (used to be Andrew’s) bedroom and looked in a bag that Andrew left containing some clothes he wanted to keep but didn’t want to keep at his apartment. No wallet. Just as I was walking out of the room I saw the plastic bin I’d emptied and washed that had been sitting on the kitchen counter above the utility drawer. There was my yellow wallet, safe and sound. Delight!

Other delights:

  • Actual hand-written thank-you notes I wrote using the lovely note cards Andrew and Alex gave me for a retirement present and Muji pens I bought myself even though I don’t actually use pens much anymore, addressed, stamped, and walked to the neighborhood mailbox (delight! delight! delight! delight!)
  • Negronis in the lodge
  • Discussion with Andrew about white privilege (more of a downer than a delight, but talking to Andrew is delightful

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