Day 21: Curious Nuthatch and Other Birds

My attic office has a through-the-wall air conditioner’, occasionally I hear birds on the on the back of the air conditioner, likely looking for bugs that have hidden themselves in the grille. Today I heard a bird and smiled, hoping it was finding a feast. Seconds later a white-breasted nuthatch peeked in through the window a few feet from the air conditioner. It hung in its usual upside-down manner on the bottom edge of the top window screen, turning its head back and forth, seeming to peer through the window at me. Moments later a tufted titmouse flew to the same window, landing on the outside sill, also looking in the window. The nuthatch flew away, and when the titmouse flew away the nuthatch came back. Then I realized that they must have remembered that months ago had a suet feeder hanging near that window. So I filled it and hung it back up, next to the window.

I filled the birdfeeder (number 7 on my lists of things to do today) after a week or so of neglect. Not long after I went in the house a northern cardinal family descended on the platform part of the feeder. I am pretty sure it was a family because one was a bright red male, a more brownish colored female with with a bright red bill, and the rest were more scruffy, less sleek than their parents, some of whom had red patches on their bodies, some of whom didn’t. And they were loud, chip-chipping at each other.

Birds just make me happy. What can I say?

Photo Credit: Matt MacGillivray / CC BY (

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