Day 23: Baked (Shirred) Eggs

One of my Facebook friends (an old flatmate‘s brother) started posting photos of his breakfasts (usually involving eggs) a couple of years ago. He became friends with Jeremy (they knew each other in grammar school) who then began posting photos of his (mostly eggy) breakfasts. I joined the fun and created the hashtag #theeggchronicles for such posts.

Regarding eggs, I cannot think of a way someone could cook an egg and I would not enjoy eating it. Maybe pickled, but maybe I would love since one of my favorite breakfasts is hard boiled eggs with sauerkraut and cottage cheese. Another favorite is to bake eggs in a small ramekin whose inside has been coated with butter. I sometimes add minced shallots and a dash of cream, then top it off with some sort of spice blend. I often cook these with a pre-cooked turkey sausage patty and a frozen, premade buttermilk biscuit. That’s what I made for breakfast today and it was delightful.

As I mentioned on Facebook, the egg in the photo is not burned. I sprinkled a little too much Arizona Dreaming (a Penzey’s spice blend) on the top.

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