Day 27: Chimney Swifts

Andrew and Alex found a small, but decent apartment in a diverse 4 story apartment building in DC. Their apartment overlooks a courtyard with trees and other greenery which creates a delightful view from every window of the apartment. One room is a sunroom that has tall windows on three walls. It looks towards another part of the apartment building.

When we were visiting last time we noticed birds going in and out of a chimney. I think it was Dean that identified them as chimney swifts. I wondered if perhaps it was more than just a place for a few families, and perhaps it was a local roost. The next time we saw the kids they said that, yes, it definitely seemed to be a roost.

We stopped by with dinner tonight (eggplant parmesan, caprese salad, wine, and cannolis for dessert) and got to see the birds in action for ourselves.

When we lived in Alexandria we lived behind an apartment building that had a chimney swift roost and would often walk to the corner where they were clearly visible. Here’s a video (sorry about my loud voice) of the Alexandria roost. I thought I took a video of the birds today, but I must have not pressed record. In addition my photo did not turn out well, therefore the photo above is also not from today, but from Alexandria, VA about two years ago.