Day 28: RGB

It wasn’t until I awoke this morning that I learned of the passing of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Absolutely NOT a delight. However it (and any mention of her previously) brought to mind a true delight from about 30 years ago when my friend Rosanne invited me to join a group of women who’d been members of the Women’s Equity Action League (WEAL)* present Justice Ginsburg with an award (or something — it’s a little confusing to me now because by the time they gave her the award — at least 1991 because I was either pregnant with Clare or she was just an infant — WEAL was dissolved — 1989 according to Wikipedia — but I had to join WEAL** to participate).

Anyway, all that doesn’t matter because about 30 years ago I shook hands with the Notorious RBG.

In the photo above, I am second from the left (white blouse, black dress). The seated woman between RBG and Sandra Day O’Connor is Elizabeth M. Boyer, founder and first president of WEAL.

*If you’ve never heard of WEAL, I’m not surprised. I’d not either and knew nothing about it when I joined for this one event. It was a group that broke off from the National Organization of Women over NOW’s pro-choice stance.

**Would I still have joined WEAL had I known that in 1991? Yeah, probably — I got to meet RGB (and SDO) — but it left me feeling a little guilty when I learned that fact.

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