Day 29: Crackerbox Palace

At my retirement dinner a few weeks ago, Alex told us about her teenage love of George Harrison’s music. She especially loved Crackerbox Palace, including the video, because it was so strange.

When Andrew texted us, asking us to create a short video to celebrate Alex’s upcoming birthday, Dean wanted to do something like the video he made for Clare’s birthday this year. Remembering Alex’s fondness for Crackerbox Palace, he decided to go with that*.

How I never saw this video is a mystery. It was such fun and it featured gnomes! A true delight.

If you want to see Dean’s masterpiece, here you go.

*In retrospect we should have just said Happy Birthday, but then I would still not have heard Crackerbox Palace or seen the video.**

**This is not to say Alex was not delighted with it (she was), it just didn’t make it into the actually happy birthday video.