Day 33: Book Group Zoom

I’m not a fan of video conferencing. I had lots of them at work, although most of the time I didn’t turn my video on. The last month or so, in one of my projects, we were required to turn on our video (and make sure we were wearing work-appropriate clothing and not look like we “just got back from the gym”).

Neither of my kids have suggested having video chats, and I have not ever pressed them on it, although I did send Clare an Echo device with a screen so we could easily see each other. Her partner does not like it so it sits, unplugged in the hallway of her apartment building.

Outside of work and before this evening, I’ve only Zoomed a few times. Once with Andrew after his graduation ceremony; a couple of times with my neighbor, Catherine; twice with my blogging friends; and twice with a neighborhood “age in place” group.

This evening’s Zoom meeting with my book group — women, many of whom I have known for twenty-five years — was truly delightful. We’d considered Zooming earlier in the pandemic, but there was not much enthusiasm for it. Finally someone suggested it again and nearly everyone said they’d join.

One of our group members was concerned that not everyone would have a chance to talk, but she didn’t have to worry — we all talked, and we all listened. We do it again in a few weeks — but this time we’ll have read a book!

I didn’t realize how much I missed these friends until tonight.

Screenshot of Zoom participants laughing
Screen shot after someone told a joke.