Day 34: Cornucopia

There’s a small store in Bethesda that specializes in Italian food. Anything you could possibly want when making an Italian dish can be found at Cornucopia. Are you going to make homemade pasta? The owner will show you several kinds of 00 semolina flour to choose from. How about risotto? You’ve used arborio rice before? Try carnaroli this time! Cheese? How about Taleggio — that buttery, spreadable cheese (also good in risotto)? In the mood for something unusual? How about Stracchino? This cheese is also called “tired cow cheese” because it is made from the milk of cows that have come down from the mountains in the autumn.

The owner is Italian and returns to Italy twice a year to visit family and order items for his store.

I needed ingredients for risotto and tiramisu that I am making for Alex for a belated birthday dinner on Monday so, of course, I headed to Cornucopia. The owner was, as usual, very helpful, kind and personable. Shopping there is an absolute delight!

Photo by Sahar from Google Maps/Reviews.