Day 38: Dinner and a Debate

Remember yesterday’s reprieve? Ha. I didn’t do anything but caramelize the onions and make lists, but I felt like I was busy all day long.

Today I was actually busy all day long but having had yesterday’s delightful reprieve and a good night’s sleep, it was not exhausting at all. Plus I had my list.

If you recall, the menu included deep dish pizzas, but I realized we had quite enough starch planned and I decided to make those another day.

It was all good and even though the tiramisu didn’t turn out exactly right (the whipping cream didn’t whip properly — it might not have been cold enough, or perhaps there was an issue with whipping it with the mascarpone cheese) it tasted like it should have.

I probably won’t make the lentil and cauliflower salad again.

But any time with Andrew and Alex is a delight. Even watching the shitshow of a debate was much better because they were watching it with me*.

Photo by Adam Schultz / Biden for President

*Dean had an ear infection and went to bed after eating dinner.