Day 42: Sunflowers

Today we took a short walk at McKee Beshers Wildlife Management Area, about 30 minutes from our house. Part of it is a birding hotspot during migration — although I saw only few birds on this trip, the highlights being several eastern phoebes and a warbler — probably a black and white.

Non-birders know this park as the place to see sunflowers in the summer. Sunflowers are a delight, especially when you are in a field of them and they tower over even your 6′ tall husband. They don’t plant the tall kind anymore; the photo above is from July, 2009. Here are more from that day.

We went again, maybe two years ago, and saw some of the short variety. I prefer the tall ones.

Today, though, I was there for the birds and to use my new camera. I did see some beautiful yellow flowers though, and other delights.

As if that was not enough delights for one day, we also had delightful a visit from Andrew, Alex and their friend Marissa. I made deep dish pizza for them. Also a delight.

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