Day 69: Fun to Cook Book

When I was quite young I made a meatloaf for my father that he declared was the best meatloaf he’d ever eaten despite the fact it contained green peppers which he hated. I was thinking about that meatloaf a few weeks ago when I had a taste for meatloaf. While I have a decent recipe — mostly in my head — I remembered that meatloaf that my father loved. The only other thing I remembered about it was the fact that it also contained Carnation Evaporated Milk and was from a kids’ cookbook that used Carnation Evaporated Milk in most, if not all of the recipes.

I asked Chef Google and eventually (hours later) found several copies of the cookbook that contained the recipe. I actually thought the book was something I’d gotten through the Scholastic book sales each month in elementary school, but that was a different cookbook. Seeing the cover of this book delighted me. So much so that I ordered a copy on Ebay.

The book arrived today and I am even more delighted. I remember reading it and wanting to make most of the recipes, but I also remembered the drawings.

The cookbook was written by Mary Blake, someone who wrote a lot of pamphlets with recipes using Carnation Evaporated Milk, but told through the perspective of her elementary-school aged daughter, Margie. There’s even a forward written by Margie!

I will probably try the meatloaf, but it is actually a lot like the meatloaf I make, except I use whole milk instead of evaporated milk.

I will also probably try some of the other recipes such as the “Yummy” Strawberry Pie and Orange Pie but I will likely use whipping cream instead of evaporated milk.

How Could I have forgotten this cover?
Except for #1, these are pretty standard for kitchen etiquette.
Here’s the meat loaf recipe my dad claimed he loved.
I guess I wanted to be just like this girl and make my dad proud.
I remember these drawings from the book. I think I made one of the pies. I always wanted to make the Tropical Freeze but mom didn’t let me. We probably never had the ingredients.

I had so many forgotten memories come back when paging through this book. I’ll keep you updated on the meatloaf and other dishes I cook from here.

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