Day 71: More Bread

What goes better with leftovers than freshly baked bread? Well, freshly baked bread goes with anything I suppose.

Recently I have turned to the Internet or newer cookbooks for my bread recipes, especially since I have been working with sourdough but today I chose a recipe from a cookbook that we received as a wedding gift from Dean’s PhD advisor and cut it with the bread knife she also gave us.

I probably baked my first bread from Beard on Bread. I am pretty sure it was James Beard’s Home Style White Bread recipe that proved to me that I could actually put a few ingredients together, pound it with my fists, let it rise, bake it and make something delicious.

While the bread turned out delicious — delightfully delicious — its shape and size, especially before baking looked disturbingly equine phallic. I need to work on my shaping techniques.

I think it was also a little dry. Next time I will not use so much flour.