Day 71: More Bread

What goes better with leftovers than freshly baked bread? Well, freshly baked bread goes with anything I suppose.

Recently I have turned to the Internet or newer cookbooks for my bread recipes, especially since I have been working with sourdough but today I chose a recipe from a cookbook that we received as a wedding gift from Dean’s PhD advisor and cut it with the bread knife she also gave us.

I probably baked my first bread from Beard on Bread. I am pretty sure it was James Beard’s Home Style White Bread recipe that proved to me that I could actually put a few ingredients together, pound it with my fists, let it rise, bake it and make something delicious.

While the bread turned out delicious — delightfully delicious — its shape and size, especially before baking looked disturbingly equine phallic. I need to work on my shaping techniques.

I think it was also a little dry. Next time I will not use so much flour.

4 thoughts on “Day 71: More Bread

  1. I just sent the penultimate paragraph to my neighbor, whose birthday is today, whom I ran into on the rail trail, and she was petting one of the new horses who has shown up, and we talked about the horse, and Lynda called it she, and then or maybe he, then it turned around, whereupon we viewed the disturbingly equine phallus.


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