Day 74: Hopeful Anxiety

I was very worried when I saw Helen’s message that she was going to bed. Also some expletives about Lindsey Graham and pollsters. I was sure the trumpet had done it again.

I immediately looked the news feeds on my phone and was relieved that was not over. Trump had not won, yet. That was a delight, albeit a tenuous one.

Therefore, I did what any rational adult would do in this sort of situation, I spent today endlessly scrolling through Twitter and updating my feed every few seconds.

3 thoughts on “Day 74: Hopeful Anxiety

  1. Sorry for the scare. I went to bed when Trump was ahead and it appeared certain that the Democrats were going to lose Florida, which that [expletive self-redacted]-head Lindsey Graham was gloating about.


  2. And by the way, THANKS for the letter. I was so delighted I even wrote a blog post (admittedly a super short one, but nonetheless something, which happens most infrequently these days).


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