Day 87: Tony

Dr. Fauci didn’t anything out of the ordinary today other than have an all-hands Zoom meeting with his NIAID group as far as I know, but since Dean is part of his NIAID group and took this photo of the meeting, I thought I’d mention how delightful Anthony Fauci is. Not that I have met the man, but I was once at a party to which he was invited and expected to attend but didn’t.

I was at a party that Francis Collins attended, and briefly sat in the same room with him. I found out later who he was.

But back to Dr. Fauci. His handling of everything that he’s endured at the hands of the trumpet is beyond delightful.

One thought on “Day 87: Tony

  1. He’s a well known face here too. I would dare to say he is universally admired everywhere except maybe the US, where the trumpet has slandered his stellar reputation. His restraint and dignity has been impressive.


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