Day 91: Dean’s Idea

Dean came up with an idea about the vaccine trials and the trial he’s mostly involved in (begins with an M) held a meeting today (yes, it is a Saturday, but operation warp speed and all that) and the folks at M loved his idea.

We celebrated with Japanese food and sake.

No photos of the food, but here’s a photo of Dean’s hair silhouetted against a fence. He calls it Covid hair.

4 thoughts on “Day 91: Dean’s Idea

  1. Hi Dona! I’m zipping through your blog and desperately trying to figure out when I was last here. It isn’t easy, because sometimes I lurk. But I definitely fell of the face of the earth and am wondering if I’d seen this shadow covid hair… anyway, hello! I’ll be trying to catch up, little by little. And I did read Gay’s book, and I liked a lot of it, especially the Bloomington parts because I “vacationed” there twice!

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