Day 102: A Memory and a Squirrel

I came across an old tube of Chapstick today. It brought back a memory of my excitement over the film version of The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. Remembering the excitement was delightful, but not remembering the movie which disappointed me.

I was putting something away in the guest bedroom (Andrew’s old room) and looked out the window to see a squirrel munching on a walnut or some other tree nut. I snapped a photo with my cell phone through the glass. I think it came out nicely. Even through they eat my birdseed, squirrels can be delightfully cute.

2 thoughts on “Day 102: A Memory and a Squirrel

  1. I love that photo. But then, I love squirrels. I was at least 27 before I saw my first real one. I had them in the tree outside my second floor office in … of all places … Bangkok! I loved watching them race around the branches after each other. But they were always skinny there. So I loved going to the US or Europe and seeing pudgy little fat ones like the cartoons I grew up watching.


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