Day 103: The Search for Delia’s Cottage Pie

A few days ago, something about The Crown popped up in my google news feed so I read it and ended up going down another recipe-related rabbit hole. This time it was because Imelda Staunton (who will be playing Queen Elizabeth in the next two seasons of The Crown) was secretive about the cottage pie recipe she was making in a Daily Mail interview about life in lockdown with her husband, Jim Carter (Carson from Downton Abbey).

She said, “I’ll be doing a Delia cottage pie tomorrow…The secret is cinnamon, that’s all I’m saying.” So I had to search for the recipe. I first found a different Delia Cottage Pie recipe that called for mushroom ketchup, something I did not have and when asked, none of my British friends had heard of it. Plus the recipe had no cinnamon.

Then I found a recipe on someone’s family’s personal website that included cinnamon that I planned on using until I found Shepherd’s Pie with Cheese-crusted Leeks on

I made it today and oh my goodness, it was utterly delightful. I might try making a vegetarian version sometime.

A really cool thing about are her free cooking classes.

3 thoughts on “Day 103: The Search for Delia’s Cottage Pie

  1. I grew up with shepherd’s pie (living on a sheep farm as I did!), but have never made it. I’m pretty sure ours didn’t have cinnamon in it though. Might be worth a try.


  2. oooo, see, I did get this far before! I keep thinking I read this one! Did I read this one? I read this one!


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