Day 108: Rearranging the Kitchen (aka Procrastination Day 2)

V. boring — tl;dr: I rearranged the kitchen appliances and bookshelves and was delighted with the results.

I’m still putting off the trip to Costco to buy cheese to mail to Clare. I really thought I would go today, but just didn’t want to so I looked for something productive to do that was not cataloging books.

We have a very nice OXO coffee maker that makes very good coffee. But neither of us use it except very occasionally; in fact, we have not used it in several months. I mostly drink tea, but if I make coffee I use another OXO product — a pourover coffee maker. Dean uses an AeroPress (that I bought for myself but he took it over and it’s always full of grounds in the morning when I wake up and I want to start out with a fresh device for my coffee don’t get me started on that).

I’ve been thinking about moving the electric coffee maker to the basement, but I wanted to keep it relatively handy for the rare occasions that we may need to make more than single cups of coffee. I once tried to put it on its side and put it in our largest and most empty cabinet, but water leaked everywhere, even though it was empty and I turned it upside down over the sink.

Anyway — I ended up emptying the largest and most empty cabinet, rearranged the height of the shelves, then slid the coffee maker into the back of the cabinet. The coffee maker is quite tall, but not very deep and I had plenty of room for other appliances so I put our 6qt Instant Pot in front of the coffee maker and our pasta machine next to that.

The place where the Instant Pot used to be was now empty so I pulled the appliances out from the skinny broom closet that I hated to get things out of and put them where the Instant Pot used to live.

Finally I pulled out the Nespresso machine (that Dean uses daily) from another inconvenient place and put it on the counter where the OXO coffee maker used to be. Now there was room for the bread in the more inconvenient (but not inconvenient for bread) place where the Nespresso machine had been.

Later this afternoon I tackled the cookbook bookshelf and moved the wine to the top instead of at the bottom. The design of the bookshelf is a pain since books hid behind the decoration. Now there is wine behind the decoration and the cookbooks are easily available.

Oh, I also attended a neighborhood Zoom meeting about winter birds. I knew all the birds that the presenter talked about, but didn’t know everything he shared such as millet is fine to feed birds and some of the differences between male and female of the same species. The presenter also had a very loving way talking about yard birds. I’ve followed him on the Maryland birding list for years but have never met him despite the fact he lives only a few blocks away.

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