Day 122: The National Arboretum and a Pavlova

Andrew and Alex thought it would be nice to visit the National Arboretum today. It was cold but the sun was delightfully bright and warming.

I couldn’t face cooking another involved meal so we ate leftover chili and Indian food. I did, however, make a pavlova as a nod to Oceania, especially New Zealand. It was beyond delightful and will not be the last pavlova I make.

2 thoughts on “Day 122: The National Arboretum and a Pavlova

  1. The pavlova looks perfect! Great job, Dona. We had pavlova on Christmas day – my sister made it, with a failsafe (she says) 2-egg recipe (which I can share if you want it). She shaped in into a wreath shape (which I haven’t done before) and I don’t think I’ll ever make it any other way. You get the crunch on both sides of the pavlova. Or “pav” as we say affectionately here.


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