Day 126: My Happiest Day of the Year

People who know me well know that I am not a big fan of Christmas. Not because I don’t like giving (or receiving) gifts but I find the last couple of months of the year stressful as I try to figure out what to buy people.

I blame it on wanting to obtain perfect gifts for everyone. I have only ever done that once — when I got my brother a dog.

I’ve given up trying to find the perfect gifts and that makes me feel guilty. So stress and guilt are a part of what is supposed to be a happy time. I also feel like I’ve been the one to make Christmas happen and Dean waits to think about it a few days before Christmas. He has none of the stress, except maybe dealing with my stress levels that come across as anger and resentment.

Anyway, except for Thanksgiving and maybe St. Patrick’s day, my favorite holiday is Boxing Day. December 26th is a delightful day for me.

Only 365 days until next Christmas!