Day 135: Another Walk and Sharing Sourdough Starter

I took another walk today — not quite as delightful as the sunny walk on Sunday, but I got out of the house. The delightful part of it might not sound delightful to you, but hear me out…

On today’s walk I wore some shoes I’d bought for walking a few years ago but rarely wore. They hurt my feet about a block into my walk which told me that these shoes were not for me. Either something had happened to my feet from when I bought them, or the shoes became stiff with disuse. The delightful part of the story? I can now put these barely used shoes in the giveaway box.

Another delight of the day was preparing a jar of sourdough starter for the daughter of a friend. My friend messaged me on facebook, asking if I had any extra starter. Her daughter had been given a sourdough cookbook for Christmas and was looking for an established starter. This gave me an incentive to feed my somewhat neglected starter so the daughter would have 4 ounces of ripe sourdough starter right off the bat. I also wrote her a note explaining its origins and some tips on what I’d learned along the way.

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