Days 145 – 149: Mostly Hopeful

I’m delightedly, yet guardedly, optimistic about the future. I’m hopeful that during the Biden administration, many things our country (and planet) lost during the trumpet’s administration will be found again.

A few other delights of the past few days:

Only Children by Alison Lurie

When it was decided our book group read a book by the [recently] late Alison Lurie I was not 100% delighted, but I was delightfully surprised when I loved Only Children, a book about adults behaving badly. A group of 4 adults and three children spend a few days with Anna, the headmistress of a private, liberal school in Westchester County, NY during the depression. It’s mostly a slice-of-life tale, which I don’t always like, but this was so well written. I’d not heard of Alison Lurie until one of our book group members sent us a link to her obituary. This won’t be the only book I read by this author.

Carbonara & Baked Custard

I had a number of egg yolks left over from Andrew’s birthday cake which featured homemade marshmallow so I made a delightful carbonara and equally delightful baked custard for dinner one night.

The photo at the top is what was left of the custard after two days. It was my first time using a bain-marie to cook anything.

A Day to Myself

Dean took off on a hike with a friend on Saturday, so I had the house to myself all day. Always delightful.

4 thoughts on “Days 145 – 149: Mostly Hopeful

  1. How delightfully propitious: I had never heard of Alison Lurie either, until today, when I heard of her twice. The first time was in the first chapter of The Writer’s Library: The Authors you Love on the Books That Changed Their Lives, when Jonathan Lethem–who I decidedly don’t love, as I had never heard of him before today either–mentioned that he’s a big fan of hers, and the second time in this post.

    I also had never heard of a bain-marie before today. It has been a delightfully educational day for me.

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    1. Regarding the bain-marie, the evening after I made the custard I watched a couple of episodes of the Great British Bake Off and I swear bain-marie was uttered dozens of times.


  2. Today is Pasta/Chardonnay day (part of the delight is an afternoon to myself!), and you’re tempting me with the carbonara. I’m always trying to think what to use egg yolks for, and these are both good ideas.


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