Day 158: Misunderstanding Understood

A few days ago I had what I thought to be an awkward phone conversation with someone. I didn’t want to ask the someone if something was wrong because I didn’t want them to feel awkward. So I let it stew and I worried about it and I had a couple of dark dreams about it and it made me feel down for days.

I spoke to a couple of people about it. One person said to call the someone and the other agreed that not calling the someone was probably wise, but to tell the someone I’d like more regular communication.

I wrote the someone a letter, not about my feelings, but just because I wanted to write to the someone. It helped.

Then, out of the blue, the someone called me this afternoon and we had a wonderful hour-long-plus talk. This someone called again later and we talked some more. Two delightfully non-awkward conversations in one day.

This pandemic has not only separated me from a very special someone in my life, but has given me vast amounts of time to overthink things, even more than I did before.

Another delight: Emily in Paris. I binged on 6 episodes tonight. Plus I watched it on the big TV in the family room instead of my phone.

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