Day 159: Photos from Mom’s Friend Patti

I wrote a little about Mom’s friend Patti on CCL, but so you don’t have to click on that link, here’s the backstory.

My mom and Patti were school friends and when Mom started writing to sailors, so did Patti. Mom ended up writing exclusively to Dad and Patti wrote to B., a good friend of my Dad. Mom ended up marrying Dad and Patti ended up marrying B.

While Mom and Dad stayed married, B. and Patti divorced after Patti gave birth to M. He couldn’t deal with being the father of a child with dwarfism.

After that Patti married Bill, the love of her life and had two more kids. We’d hang out at their house or they’d come to ours. I didn’t know that M was any different from me. To me he was just M.

Then Bill died suddenly of a heart attack. I don’t remember going to their house after that any more and when I talked to Patti about it she said they just drifted apart.

Anyway, Mom remained friends with Patti — especially after their grade school class starting having monthly lunches. I went once and talked to Patti and saw her a few more times, including both my parents’ funerals. Patti and I remain connected on Facebook and recently she asked if I would like some photos she found of my parents. Of course I said yes.

They arrived today and are delightful.

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