Days 168 – 176: A Whole Lot of Nothing

I think this covid shit has finally worn me down. I’ve not been visited by many delights — or maybe I have and I have not recognized them. I’ve been sad and angry many of these days, although there have been a few bright spots.

In no particular order some contenders for delights:

  • Andrew and Alex joined us for Superbowl Sunday and a chili dinner (and a Zoom chat with Alex’s folks)
  • I’ve had some nice chats with Clare
  • We met with some friendly folks from a landscaping company about our backyard.
  • The temperature got to 50° one day
  • The snow was pretty one day with 2-inch flakes
  • I think I am starting to like tofu
  • Cocktails:
    • Orange Blossom
    • Old Fashioned
  • Netflix binges:
    • Emily in Paris
    • Firefly Lane
  • Books:

8 thoughts on “Days 168 – 176: A Whole Lot of Nothing

    1. Thanks Lisa. I will try Emerson’s Self-Reliance and other Essays, but not promising anything. I rarely read non-fiction and never anything before the 20th century. It’s free with Prime reading so, I’ll give it a go.


  1. Your snow photo is a delight to me. And I laughed at “I think I’m starting to like tofu” because I swear I could hear the amazement in your voice.
    What was Firefly Lane like? I’m debating whether to watch the TV show.


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