Day 250: Vaccine # 2

Got my second Covid-19 vaccination today. That was delightful. Getting lost on the way home (the town where I got my vaccination had spotty cell service) was not so delightful until I remembered that my blogging friend Indigo Bunting grew up around the area in which I was lost. It made me smile to think of her there. Plus the scenery was delightful.

Days 247-249: Still Home

As delightful as the get-away was, it was also delightful to be home. At home the chairs are all comfortable (the Airbnb had chairs, but only one inside one was comfortable and that’s where Dean chose to work all day. The bedroom porch had two comfortable chairs, but the weather was not always nice enough to spend time there.

At home we have two indoor showers. The Airbnb had a shower, but it was outside and while it was fun showering there when the weather was nice, it was not so nice when the weather was chilly.

I was happy to be home with my plants — plants really make me happy these days. I was delighted to see that the snapdragon that planted itself in a crack in the front porch was in full bloom when we got home!

Day 246: Home

In an attempt to stay as happy as I was on Tybee Island I thought maybe I should get out and walk every day. I did that this morning and it was good. I saw some delightfully pink azaleas peeking out through a fence on the walk.

Days 238-245: Delightful Tybee Island

We spent a delightfully relaxing week on Tybee Island, Georgia. Much of the time I felt simply happy. Happier than I remembered feeling for a very long time. Change of scenery? Nothing hanging over my head? Lovely Airbnb? Maybe all of it combined.

I’d wake up and drink my coffee on the screened porch off the bedroom. The first morning I shared the space with a female cowbird. The other mornings I shared it with various insects. A gecko came by twice, but on the other side of the screen.

I’d putz after that and then Dean and I would explore either the island, or nearby Savannah.

We either went out (ate outside) for dinner, or Dean would cook one of the Hungry Harvest meals we brought with us. Once we brought a meal back to the Airbnb.

By the end I was rested and ready to get back home.

Stop the Presses! Vaccine Delight!

How could I have forgotten the delight of my first dose of the Covid-19 vaccine? Not going to backdate this — but it was April Fools’ Day of all days. No side-effect except a sore arm.

I stopped at a Wegmans on the way home which was another delight. What was not delightful was the very long drive to nearly Pennsylvania! Or the fact that when I went get into the car before the drive, the battery was dead and I had to drive Dean’s new SUV that I’d only ever driven once. But the vaccine was delightful so nothing really else mattered that day.

The photo at the top is of the timer they gave me after the vaccine so I would know when I could leave. No one offered to take my photo during the shot.