Day 228: Inside, Outside


Delightfully Fast Computer

As mentioned in an earlier post I bought a refurbished desktop computer for my study. Today I upgraded the memory and can multi-task a lot easier than before. It is still an i5, but now it has 32GB of Random Access Memory instead of 4GB which means I can have more than one application open and the computer does not slow down. It might be overkill, but whatever. It does mean that I actually spent twice as much on the computer than I’d planned (it was only $150 from Woot but the memory cost about the same). Still, not bad for a new-to-me computer.


Peepers and more

Dean texted me a week ago or so to tell me he heard spring peepers on a bike ride with Andrew. I was surprised, thinking they only sang at dusk. Today he wanted to show me where they were to hear for myself. Sure enough, once we got close to the ephemeral pools in an area of Rock Creek Park I could hear them sing.

Possibly even more exciting were the many spring wildflowers. It reminded me of a fieldtrip to Trout Park with my college botany teacher (including Dean’s sister Debbie who was also in that class). I could just see Mr. Steinbock trembling with excitement as he pointed out trout lilies, trillium, May apples and skunk cabbage.

2 thoughts on “Day 228: Inside, Outside

  1. Gorgeous flowers. And brava for such a good deal on your computer, now you have it the way you wanted. Wow to 32 GBs of RAM! Mine (a year old) has only 8GB, with an SSD, and I love how fast it is compared to my old one. (As I type this I have four separate application windows open – with seven tabs on Firefox!)


  2. Again, I am sure I’d tried to comment on this before. (I’m working backwards through your posts at the moment.) A fast computer is a true delight! I got a new one a year or two ago, and it has an SSD which I love. It’s only an 8 GB RAM but I always have lots of windows open.

    Glad you have your peepers and wildflowers this spring.


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