Day 233: Shakshuka

We were going to make pizza today. We had it for dinner yesterday and I thought that we’d used up all the tomato sauce so made another batch (just San Marino canned tomatoes cooked a good long time). We had eggs that needed to be used so I looked up a recipe for shakshuka and made that instead. It was lovely and delicious and delightful, all except for the runny whites.

I made pita bread out of the leftover pizza dough.

2 thoughts on “Day 233: Shakshuka

  1. Again, wish we were neighbours–I would happily help in your effort to consume foodstuffs (as long as they weren’t too far past the expiry date).


  2. Mmm, I love shakshuka. I tried it in Israel, and have since made it at home. Or my variations. How clever are you to make the pita bread too?! I must try that.


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