Days 317-318: Two Delightfully Quiet Days

Dean spent his day off working and I started the after-guest cleanup. I pretty much cleaned up the kitchen on Sunday, but there was more to do — like putting things away. I also started changing the bed sheets, laughing at myself because I would make the world’s worst bed and breakfast owner since it takes me days to make the beds after guests. Mostly because I hate doing it, but also because it involves some amount of effort. The beds are still not completely made. Ah well, there’s always tomorrow. (now that I know it is only Tuesday — I kept thinking it was Wednesday).

I snapped a photo of flowers from a friend* (above) that Alex left with us and the paper fortune teller template (below).

*Funny story about the flowers. When I was putting the flowers from a friend into a vase the friend apologized for the strong fragrance of the mountain mint. I didn’t think anything of it, but later that night I kept thinking I smelled pot (or a clove cigarette — which annoyed me — the cigarette, not the pot). The next morning I smelled it again and could not figure out why it was so strong in the dining room. Then I remembered my friend’s warning about the mountain mint!