Days 323: Driving to the Lake

Back in March or so Clare told us that Pete’s family was renting a house on Lake Gaston in Virginia (or North Carolina) and Pete was going to fly out East for the first time in several years to spend time with his family. Clare would also come out at that time. She thought it would be fun to have us also rent a house on the lake and we could meet Pete and have a family vacation. We rented a property about half an hour from Pete’s family’s house and today we drove to the lake! Andrew and Alex (and Bennett) will join us tomorrow evening.

Dean drove the whole way which is very delightful. I’d had enough driving over the past couple of days. I sat in the back seat because Clare usually chooses to sit in front when she can. That was fine, I brought books and wanted to finish listening to Less anyway.

I think Rupert and Chum had the most fun on the ride.

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