Day 364: Delightful Items on a Delightful Walk

I awoke refreshed today, despite my watch telling me my sleep was worse than yesterdays (although still “good”) so after coffee I took a walk around my neighborhood. Many years ago I determined that if I walk the perimeter of our neighborhood (except for a couple busy streets) I’ll have walked a mile. It doesn’t seem like much, but I am terribly out of shape.

I did the perimeter today and snapped some photos of delightful things along the way. (which is probably why my watch didn’t consider it exercise!).

I saw some fruit that I’d seen before but I didn’t know what it was. The crows were gobbling them up. Turns out it’s a non-native (Kousa) dogwood. A few houses later I discovered Brickhenge! On the next street was a sign in the grass which read “The Poo Fairy doesn’t live here. Please scoop your dog’s poop! Thank you.” Then, on the same lawn was a tree made from a metal pipe, wire and fairy lights. I need to visit it at night sometime. A few doors down I saw some Japanese Maple leaves and whirligigs (seeds) in the sun. The photo does not do it justice until you really zoom in. While not new to me, I saw that the chimney without a house now has some scaffolding. As I walked on another street I noticed something orange in a tree branch. At first I thought it might be a group of early autumn-colored leaves, then I was disappointed that it was a balloon, but finally noticed it was a ball. Finally, across and down the street from my house was a huge mushroom whose cap was the size of a dinner plate.

One thought on “Day 364: Delightful Items on a Delightful Walk

  1. What a lovely list of delights on your walk. I used to walk through your suburb (is it a suburb or town?) when I would visit DC for work, as my company’s agent lived there. It was so beautiful! Always a delight.


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