Day 365: Busy

Another delightful full night’s sleep left me feeling like tackling a bunch of chores including baking a loaf of sandwich bread and moving the bread machine to the pantry. Unfortunately the bread machine had baked its last loaf earlier in the week, because the paddles refused to move today and nothing I did (or read about doing on Professor Google) helped. Dean and I decided that we’d just get a new one. After all that bread machine was at least 15 years old. Delightfully I was able to salvage the loaf I’d put in the bread machine — sort of. It will make good croutons.

Andrew and Alex called on their way back from the airport to see if I wanted to have dinner with them tomorrow for my birthday. I said I wanted takeout from somewhere near them and we’d bring the dessert. Delightful!

2 thoughts on “Day 365: Busy

  1. I’ve fallen so far behind on reading people’s blogs, but I’m glad I got to this one just in time: I HOPE YOUR BIRTHDAY IS PERFECTLY DELIGHTFUL, DEAR DONA! And is this your last post on this site? I have so enjoyed these slices of your life, so I hope you continue to break bread here (forgive this ridiculous attempt at cleverness, which is saved from over-the-topness only because it wasn’t written in capital letters and followed by an exclamation point).



  2. Helen said it all. I think (I hope) I wished you happy birthday elsewhere. I’ve just “caught up” with your blog, and feel sad that I won’t have a list of your daily delights to read. It’s delightful to see these snapshots of your life. Thank you, dear Dona, for sharing this with us this last year.

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