Days 145 – 149: Mostly Hopeful

I’m delightedly, yet guardedly, optimistic about the future. I’m hopeful that during the Biden administration, many things our country (and planet) lost during the trumpet’s administration will be found again.

A few other delights of the past few days:

Only Children by Alison Lurie

When it was decided our book group read a book by the [recently] late Alison Lurie I was not 100% delighted, but I was delightfully surprised when I loved Only Children, a book about adults behaving badly. A group of 4 adults and three children spend a few days with Anna, the headmistress of a private, liberal school in Westchester County, NY during the depression. It’s mostly a slice-of-life tale, which I don’t always like, but this was so well written. I’d not heard of Alison Lurie until one of our book group members sent us a link to her obituary. This won’t be the only book I read by this author.

Carbonara & Baked Custard

I had a number of egg yolks left over from Andrew’s birthday cake which featured homemade marshmallow so I made a delightful carbonara and equally delightful baked custard for dinner one night.

The photo at the top is what was left of the custard after two days. It was my first time using a bain-marie to cook anything.

A Day to Myself

Dean took off on a hike with a friend on Saturday, so I had the house to myself all day. Always delightful.

Day 144: A Few Delights

Kissing Clauses

My favorite non-ornament Christmas decoration, the kissing Clauses always bring me delight when I put them out or put them away for the year. They also have an interesting backstory. They were given to me by a student whose father was an attorney for Paula Jones when she sued Bill Clinton for sexual harassment.

I wrote a more detailed post about them here on CCL.

Dexmassing — nearly finished

Except for one last Christmas box in the basement I’ve brought all things Christmas to the attic and after placing them in their boxes, will store them in the kneewall. That, hopefully, will happen tomorrow.

Prism Rainbow Pattern

While I was dexmassing I noticed this colorful pattern on a cushion in the lodge that was created by the rainbow from the prism in the window, through the holes of the back of the loveseat. Delightful!

Day 141: Wintersweet

A few weeks ago when we went to the National Arboretum we were walking through the Asian section and when we rounded a corner, we all wondered what the beautiful smell was. I assumed, because it was winter, that someone with heavy cologne had recently passed, but either Alex or Andrew noticed a flowering bush. The plant’s sign labeled it as a wintersweet (Chimonanthus praecox). Andrew spied some seed pods, and the plant propagator that he is, took one. So did I.

While he was staying with us he researched the plant and how to grow a wintersweet bush. He placed them on damp paper towels on a tray and put the tray in a plastic bag. He instructed me to check the seeds often while he and Alex were in Atlanta, adding water if necessary, and taking note if they sprouted.

I checked often, and was finally rewarded a few days ago with a sprouted seed. Today I saw another.

I planted the first sprouted seed this morning. Fingers crossed that in a few years time, we’ll have a delightfully lovely scented winter flowering bush in our yard.

Day 140: Progressive Lens Glasses

I’ve fought and fought with eye care professionals about getting progressive lenses stating that I knew I would hate them and knew they would make me nauseous. I finally gave in to an optometrist last week who promised I would love them and that they would make my life easier.

I picked up the glasses yesterday afternoon. The optician who handed me the glasses and ensured they were adjusted told me that I should probably not drive in them at first, but wear them around the house this weekend. She also laughed when I looked at my phone while wearing them and exclaimed my delight that I COULD READ MY PHONE! She said, jokingly, that had little faith in their services.

I did as I was told and put them on first thing this morning. All I can say is WOW! I can delightfully do everything (read the clock across the room, use my computer, read a book and use my phone) without changing glasses or taking my glasses off.

I do feel slightly nauseous while wearing them (and no, I don’t think it’s last night’s cocktails) but apparently that’s supposed to go away.

Day 139: Zoom Cocktail Hour

Our good friends, Alison and David are even more reluctant to venture out than we are. We’ve not seen them in nearly a year. I suggested we Zoom with them and Alison suggested a Friday night cocktail hour. So we did it. It was delightful to catch up until the Old Fashioned cocktail went directly to my head and I had to leave the conversation to lie down. That’s what happens when you don’t eat all day and drink whiskey.