Day 144: A Few Delights

Kissing Clauses

My favorite non-ornament Christmas decoration, the kissing Clauses always bring me delight when I put them out or put them away for the year. They also have an interesting backstory. They were given to me by a student whose father was an attorney for Paula Jones when she sued Bill Clinton for sexual harassment.

I wrote a more detailed post about them here on CCL.

Dexmassing — nearly finished

Except for one last Christmas box in the basement I’ve brought all things Christmas to the attic and after placing them in their boxes, will store them in the kneewall. That, hopefully, will happen tomorrow.

Prism Rainbow Pattern

While I was dexmassing I noticed this colorful pattern on a cushion in the lodge that was created by the rainbow from the prism in the window, through the holes of the back of the loveseat. Delightful!

Day 132: Delightfully 2021

The first day of the year is always full of promise. This year more than ever. Hopefully we’ll be able to travel again (at least domestically) after we receive our covid-19 vaccinations. The US will have sane, if not perfect, leadership that, if we are lucky, will be able to at least begin to fix the many setbacks that happened during the trumpet administration.

On a personal level, I am more than ever determined to get out of my inactive, bordering on suicidal reclusiveness. My kids are worried about me. I guess I should be too.

Other delights of the day were reading blog posts by Lali, Mali and Helen. Talking to Clare for over an hour while we did our own things. Finally seeing the film, Moonlight. Beginning Braiding Sweetgrass. I think I am going to love that book.

Day 131: Quiet Celebration at the End of a Troublesome Year and a Bonus Video

Dean and I celebrated the end of 2020 last night with classic champagne (CAVA actually) cocktails and a fire (and damned delightful fajitas with homemade flour tortillas).

Another delight of the day was watching this delightfully funny and (in)appropriate video from the self-described social impact agency, Public.

My favorite* part was “Fuck you, New Zealand! You think you’re better than us? Well, you are. BUT FUCK YOU ANYWAY!”.

*With apologies to Mali and all the wonderful people in New Zealand…

Day 126: My Happiest Day of the Year

People who know me well know that I am not a big fan of Christmas. Not because I don’t like giving (or receiving) gifts but I find the last couple of months of the year stressful as I try to figure out what to buy people.

I blame it on wanting to obtain perfect gifts for everyone. I have only ever done that once — when I got my brother a dog.

I’ve given up trying to find the perfect gifts and that makes me feel guilty. So stress and guilt are a part of what is supposed to be a happy time. I also feel like I’ve been the one to make Christmas happen and Dean waits to think about it a few days before Christmas. He has none of the stress, except maybe dealing with my stress levels that come across as anger and resentment.

Anyway, except for Thanksgiving and maybe St. Patrick’s day, my favorite holiday is Boxing Day. December 26th is a delightful day for me.

Only 365 days until next Christmas!

Day 125: Christmas Day Paella

We opened gifts this morning. I received a delightful array of gifts from Andrew and Alex (a daisy print scarf, lots of flower seeds, the book Braiding Sweetgrass and a Mary Hamilton print).

I think the kids liked their gifts — although Alex might feel overwhelmed with all the baking supplies!

We travelled to Spain for dinner with a vegetarian paella and giant empanadas (we had lots of leftover filling from our South American night). Alex made a delightful Basque Burnt Cheesecake.

We spoke to Clare for a while, which was delightful. I miss her so much.

Day 124: Christmas Eve

A few years ago Dean, Clare and I (Andrew was in Atlanta with Alex) went to Christmas Eve services at the National Cathedral and decided to have dinner at an Ethiopian restaurant not far from the church. We’ve eaten Ethiopian food every Christmas Eve since then.

While I find Ethiopian cuisine delightful, it always fills me up too quickly (that darned injera) so we only have it a couple of times a year, although now that Bethesda has its own Ethiopian restaurant, we probably eat it more often.

I was delighted to not have to attend church, but we did watch the end of Alex’s church service on YouTube.

The photo is in front of Dean’s church. We were out looking at Christmas lights (another Christmas Eve tradition) and stopped at the church for old-times’ sake.