Day 264: Happy

As is my semi-regular habit I awoke in the early hours of the morning and couldn’t get back to sleep. I went to the living room and poured myself a large glass of water and looked at my phone and then read more of Life After Life. I’d not read in a while, so it felt good.

After a couple of hours and more glasses of water I went to bed to read a little more and suddenly realized I was very happy. It could have been the water — perhaps I was very dehydrated. It could have been the reading. Perhaps it was having gotten out of the house yesterday. Whatever it was, it was delightful.

When I awoke a second time, this time at a more reasonable hour, I still felt happy.

Another delightful thought is that as of 12:30 pm I am fully vaccinated. While I received my second dose on the 29th, today marks the end of my two week waiting period. And as of 2:00 pm the CDC stated that fully vaccinated people can lose their masks in most cases, inside and out.*

The peony bloomed. That’s a delight!

*This is a double-edged sword of a delight. It goes without saying that many, if not most, anti-vaxers are likely to also be anti-maskers and since no one knows if they are vaccinated or not, they might not wear masks either. This is a problem for children (who at this time cannot be vaccinated) and many other people including those who are immunocompromised. While I understand that the CDC is only stating facts and is not a policy making organization, hopefully individual jurisdictions and businesses will either keep the mask policy or require anyone who doesn’t want to wear a mask to show proof of vaccination.

Day 259: Shamrock

I wrote about repotting my pandemic plant, the Shamrock (Oxalis), a while back. Its roots were growing through the holes in the bottom of the plastic container I bought it in. A year after buying it, the plant was only putting out a couple leaves and fewer flowers.

Here are before and after and after photos. Delightful after-after!

When I first bought the shamrock

Day 258: Friday Delights

The landscaper finally came back and has begun planting the Skip Laurels in the backyard. He also placed the French drain in the lawn.

I bought a bunch of cinnamon ferns from my egg farmer folks to plant around the deck since my lady ferns were not available. Rick, the egg guy, dropped them off and we had a delightful chat.

We had The Last Word Cocktails for our Friday cocktails.

Day 254: Conversations with Plants and Signs of Summer

I really love my houseplants. Every morning I walk around the house, telling the houseplants “good morning” as I check to see if they need to be watered. As I pass them during the day I feel a surge of happiness just seeing them on shelves. This is very new for me. I used to dread houseplants because I was very good at killing them. Now I am very good at keeping them alive (or at least choosing plants that don’t easily die).

This morning I saw my first-of-year pair of backyard Gray Catbirds. Delight! At dinner (on the deck) we heard the ice cream truck for the first time this year.

Days 247-249: Still Home

As delightful as the get-away was, it was also delightful to be home. At home the chairs are all comfortable (the Airbnb had chairs, but only one inside one was comfortable and that’s where Dean chose to work all day. The bedroom porch had two comfortable chairs, but the weather was not always nice enough to spend time there.

At home we have two indoor showers. The Airbnb had a shower, but it was outside and while it was fun showering there when the weather was nice, it was not so nice when the weather was chilly.

I was happy to be home with my plants — plants really make me happy these days. I was delighted to see that the snapdragon that planted itself in a crack in the front porch was in full bloom when we got home!

Day 246: Home

In an attempt to stay as happy as I was on Tybee Island I thought maybe I should get out and walk every day. I did that this morning and it was good. I saw some delightfully pink azaleas peeking out through a fence on the walk.