Day 195: Andrew, Alex, and Unnifetapasta

Earlier in the week I noticed internet articles and Instagram posts about a baked feta pasta recipe that was going viral on TikTok. I thought, “I like feta, I like tomatoes and I like pasta, therefore I will like this.”

I bought way too much feta and way to many grape tomatoes and asked Alex in a text if she and Andrew would like to come over for dinner soon to try this out. Either way I was planning on making it.

Andrew and Alex were able to come to dinner on Friday so I made it.

It was good, but not over the top good like I’d expected. Andrew said it was “solid” and Alex said it was good. Dean said it was good, but slightly dry (I didn’t add pasta water).

No matter, at least I saw Andrew and Alex again.

I took no photographs. The one at the top was stolen from the Internet.

Here’s the original recipe (pre-TikTok) and here’s the recipe I followed (although I added two small shallots and used jarred Calabrian peppers instead of the chopped chile peppers).

Day 166: Fast Internet and a Galette

With Dean working from home and on virtual conference calls much of the day we needed to upgrade our Internet speeds. The technician came out today and now our pages load like we live in the 21st century and our video calls do not become Max Headroom remakes. Delightful!

Several years ago Clare introduced me to Humboldt Fog cheese. I wasn’t sure at first, but I grew to love it. I bought some at Costco a while back and Dean and I knew that we needed to do something with the half pound we had left or be ready to throw it away in the not-so-distant future. Dean suggested he cook something up with the cheese and some sorry looking mushrooms involving some sort of pasta. A couple of days went by and Dean had not produced the pasta meal so I looked up recipes involving this lovely cheese. I settled on a Mushroom and Goat Cheese Galette.

Never having made a galette before I was a little concerned, especially in respect to the making of the pastry. I needn’t have worried because the recipe’s pastry was easy and delightful to work with.

The finished product was an absolute delight, especially since I was able to use up three ingredients from the fridge that were on the brink of spoiling.

Day 165: SIL Zoom. Also Baking

I spent about an hour this morning talking with my sisters-in-law. We are rarely ever together at the same time. Fifteen years ago we took a Caribbean cruise together. They are all quite delightful.

After the Zoom session I baked. I made a pullman loaf because I wanted a sandwich and a cake because I needed to use up some lemon curd.

The bread looked delightful, but I am not happy with the taste. The cake looked a mess, but it was delightfully delicious.

Day 150: Ploughman’s Lunch and an Apple Cake

My go-to meal at pubs the first few times I went to England was a ploughman’s lunch. Slice of meat, some hunks of cheese, pickle and pickles and a simple lettuce salad with salad cream. The last time I was there I was looking forward to a ploughman’s lunch, but couldn’t find any until we were in Glasgow. It was delightful.

I recently ordered a box of British food from Cost Plus World Market just because. We also had some leftover brisket so I decided to make a ploughman’s lunch for dinner. To go with that I made a delightfully delicious apple cake.

Days 145 – 149: Mostly Hopeful

I’m delightedly, yet guardedly, optimistic about the future. I’m hopeful that during the Biden administration, many things our country (and planet) lost during the trumpet’s administration will be found again.

A few other delights of the past few days:

Only Children by Alison Lurie

When it was decided our book group read a book by the [recently] late Alison Lurie I was not 100% delighted, but I was delightfully surprised when I loved Only Children, a book about adults behaving badly. A group of 4 adults and three children spend a few days with Anna, the headmistress of a private, liberal school in Westchester County, NY during the depression. It’s mostly a slice-of-life tale, which I don’t always like, but this was so well written. I’d not heard of Alison Lurie until one of our book group members sent us a link to her obituary. This won’t be the only book I read by this author.

Carbonara & Baked Custard

I had a number of egg yolks left over from Andrew’s birthday cake which featured homemade marshmallow so I made a delightful carbonara and equally delightful baked custard for dinner one night.

The photo at the top is what was left of the custard after two days. It was my first time using a bain-marie to cook anything.

A Day to Myself

Dean took off on a hike with a friend on Saturday, so I had the house to myself all day. Always delightful.

Day 136: Kitchen & Mingus

I spent the entire day in the kitchen. While that might not sound delightful, it was delightful to me. I’d been meaning to clean out the fridge, so I did that. In addition, I organized a cabinet to better hold my fermenting equipment. I also made pita bread and that cottage pie I raved about a few weeks ago.

I also played with Mingus, who is staying with us while Andrew and Alex are in Atlanta. He has a toy that he adores. Our house has a center staircase, so you can go in a circle around the center part of the house: living room, hall, kitchen, dining room, entryway, back to the living room and sometimes I walk around the house pulling his toy behind me so he follows. I usually double back and surprise him as he stalks his toy.

Today I did that again, only he’s the one who is doubling back now — this time I did it in the kitchen around the island. The video below is not exactly what he’d been doing, but close enough. Made me laugh.

Day 135: Another Walk and Sharing Sourdough Starter

I took another walk today — not quite as delightful as the sunny walk on Sunday, but I got out of the house. The delightful part of it might not sound delightful to you, but hear me out…

On today’s walk I wore some shoes I’d bought for walking a few years ago but rarely wore. They hurt my feet about a block into my walk which told me that these shoes were not for me. Either something had happened to my feet from when I bought them, or the shoes became stiff with disuse. The delightful part of the story? I can now put these barely used shoes in the giveaway box.

Another delight of the day was preparing a jar of sourdough starter for the daughter of a friend. My friend messaged me on facebook, asking if I had any extra starter. Her daughter had been given a sourdough cookbook for Christmas and was looking for an established starter. This gave me an incentive to feed my somewhat neglected starter so the daughter would have 4 ounces of ripe sourdough starter right off the bat. I also wrote her a note explaining its origins and some tips on what I’d learned along the way.