Day 131: Quiet Celebration at the End of a Troublesome Year and a Bonus Video

Dean and I celebrated the end of 2020 last night with classic champagne (CAVA actually) cocktails and a fire (and damned delightful fajitas with homemade flour tortillas).

Another delight of the day was watching this delightfully funny and (in)appropriate video from the self-described social impact agency, Public.

My favorite* part was “Fuck you, New Zealand! You think you’re better than us? Well, you are. BUT FUCK YOU ANYWAY!”.

*With apologies to Mali and all the wonderful people in New Zealand…

Day 125: Christmas Day Paella

We opened gifts this morning. I received a delightful array of gifts from Andrew and Alex (a daisy print scarf, lots of flower seeds, the book Braiding Sweetgrass and a Mary Hamilton print).

I think the kids liked their gifts — although Alex might feel overwhelmed with all the baking supplies!

We travelled to Spain for dinner with a vegetarian paella and giant empanadas (we had lots of leftover filling from our South American night). Alex made a delightful Basque Burnt Cheesecake.

We spoke to Clare for a while, which was delightful. I miss her so much.

Days 116 – 119: Planning Christmas Week

Delightfully, Andrew and Alex suggested they stay with us for several days through Christmas Day. They live 30 minutes away, so could come once or twice and then on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day instead. This is so wonderfully sweet of them.

I’ve decided to make a vegetarian paella on Christmas Day along with tapas. Alex is going to make a Spanish dessert.

A few years ago we began a tradition of eating Ethiopian food on Christmas eve, so we’ll continue that this year and order takeout from our favorite local Ethiopian restaurant, CherCher in Bethesda.

We all really enjoy Indian food, especially from Kadhai in Bethesda, so we are planning on getting takeout from them one day next week.

Looking at the range of foods already decided, we have decided to have a meal from a different continent each day. The three remaining continents, Oceania, North America and South America will be represented by food from New Zealand, the United States and probably Peru.

I had a delightful email conversation with our Linda/Mali about some New Zealand recipes tonight.

Photo courtesy Yasen, owner of WoodenCraftsBG on Etsy.

Day 98: Another Walk

Not too far from me — walking distance — is a delightful pocket-sized wetland that I rarely walk to. Because I am lazy. Alex had never been, so we walked there today. I remembered my camera! We were surprised and dismayed to see the cherry trees blooming, but Alex looked them up and apparently they often take advantage of warm fall weather to bloom a second time. That does not reduce their likelihood of blooming again in the spring.

I’m planning on walking there once a week starting in January just to see the changes each week. Alex suggested I read Braiding Sweetgrass. We’ll see if I actually venture out on a semi-long walk in January. It might be delightful. It might not be.

When Andrew and Alex left, Andrew wanted to take a photo on the front porch so we did.

Day 97: A Walk and More Games

The four of us took a walk along the C&O Canal this afternoon. It was delightful. I wish I’d brought my camera though. I did get a decent photo of a Great Blue Heron, however.

This evening we played Scattergories and an online drawing game called Drawful. The kids think they’ve turned us into “game people”. They are delighted.

Day 90: A Little AR and a Confession

First the confession. I’ve been playing a mobile game (Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, if you must know) on my phone every day for 181 days. I’d actually tried it three years ago when it first came out, but thought it was stupid then. Now, even though I don’t always like to play it, I don’t want to delete it from my life. However, there are parts of it that are delightful, sometimes. There was a huge update today that made it unusable on many Android devices, including the tablet on which I was playing it. I’d decided that I would not download it on my phone, but I did anyway, and I am not too regretful. The update included the ability to enter the world of the animals and to have them enter your world.

My favorite character is gray cat named Raymond. He’s a bit of a snob and slightly obsessive. I think I have a crush on him. So when I was able to invite him to my house I jumped at the chance.

The photo above is him in front of a delight I forgot to mention last month. Clare sent me a fairy door that was made by a friend’s mother. I love it!

I feel guilty when I play the game because I could be reading or writing or baking or organizing but I play it anyway.