Day 255: Putting a Slant on “Delight”, Plus Two New Stores

This morning, on my way to the garden beds to snap a photo of an iris in bloom, I twisted my ankle in a hole in the backyard. It didn’t hurt that much when I twisted it — I fell so maybe that helped. I did feel something snap, though which is worrying. While this is not a delight, I am delighted it wasn’t worse.

I took the photo of the iris, then immediately iced and elevated my ankle. I took it easy, then elevated and iced it again. I wrapped it and did some shopping. While it was tender, it never really hurt that bad. Time will tell!

For over a year I’ve been wanting to stop in at an Indian grocery store called Guru Groceries and Chaat House but never remembered it when I needed something they might sell, plus parking is not so easy at its location. We needed naan (normally these days I make it, but didn’t feel like doing so, especially after the ankle incident) so I thought I’d stop by there and buy some naan. I ended up buying the naan, a mango and some spices I was unable to find at Penzey’s.

Just around the corner is a Japanese grocery store that I’d not heard of. I stopped in there, but didn’t buy anything since we’re flush with Japanese staples.