Day 257: Garage Doors Redux

Something I still need to write about on CCL is about the year Jeremy painted the garage doors. I’ll eventually get there, but today’s delight can’t wait. I trust my brother does not read my blog.

So Jeremy’s been posting to Facebook status updates about artwork he’s been working on. Kevin asked if Jeremy could recreate the work he did on the garage doors and I suggested that he do that, but include Mom and Dad.

Jeremy said he’d give it a go after I sent him some photos of his work from decades ago. He’s been keeping me updated with Messenger and we hatched a plan to send the finished product to Kevin in time for his birthday later this month.

Below are images of the original garage doors and his new creations. I certainly hope Kevin likes them as much as I do. I’ve sent Kevin some frames so he can hang them on the wall.

Day 197 – 199: Springsigns

The weather is getting nicer (70° today) and I’ve been noticing signs of spring — daffodil and tulip leaves pushing through the soil, the crocuses popping up in unexpected places, birds calling to their mates (or potential mates), and of course the snowdrops. This reminded me of my teaching days and making my annual “Springsigns” bulletin board based on a book of the same name. I think I took a photo of it once, but have no idea where that photo is. And honestly, except for the name, I don’t remember much about it except the feeling it gave me knowing that spring was on its way.

Day 165: SIL Zoom. Also Baking

I spent about an hour this morning talking with my sisters-in-law. We are rarely ever together at the same time. Fifteen years ago we took a Caribbean cruise together. They are all quite delightful.

After the Zoom session I baked. I made a pullman loaf because I wanted a sandwich and a cake because I needed to use up some lemon curd.

The bread looked delightful, but I am not happy with the taste. The cake looked a mess, but it was delightfully delicious.

Day 150: Ploughman’s Lunch and an Apple Cake

My go-to meal at pubs the first few times I went to England was a ploughman’s lunch. Slice of meat, some hunks of cheese, pickle and pickles and a simple lettuce salad with salad cream. The last time I was there I was looking forward to a ploughman’s lunch, but couldn’t find any until we were in Glasgow. It was delightful.

I recently ordered a box of British food from Cost Plus World Market just because. We also had some leftover brisket so I decided to make a ploughman’s lunch for dinner. To go with that I made a delightfully delicious apple cake.

Day 106: Belly Laugh

Until playing Drawful with Dean, Andrew and Alex on Black Friday I’d not had a good belly laugh in a very long time. Possibly over a year. I’d forgotten what it was like. It was delightful.

I had several more delightful belly laughs today when I was going through one of those CD/DVDs from my attic closet. This CD/DVD had some of Andrew’s projects on it. One that I barely remembered, although part of it was my idea, involved dolls.

The final project was, I think, a PowerPoint slide show (or a website — we did that occasionally and teachers were usually impressed) and about the amendments to the constitution.

I hope Andrew’s teacher got a belly laugh out of this.

Day 102: A Memory and a Squirrel

I came across an old tube of Chapstick today. It brought back a memory of my excitement over the film version of The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. Remembering the excitement was delightful, but not remembering the movie which disappointed me.

I was putting something away in the guest bedroom (Andrew’s old room) and looked out the window to see a squirrel munching on a walnut or some other tree nut. I snapped a photo with my cell phone through the glass. I think it came out nicely. Even through they eat my birdseed, squirrels can be delightfully cute.

Day 73: The Day of Waiting, Japanese Inspired Food, and Ulick

We voted early, by mail (actually got the ballots in the mail, filled them out and deposited them in a dropbox) so that was not something we needed to do today. I refused to look at the news all day and am going to bed early. I am so very worried that the trumpet will win again and I don’t know what I will do.

That’s not to say we had no delights today. Dean grilled tuna and we made tuna with soba noodles for dinner. (Yum!) We also had saketinis (why have I never had one of these before?). Our chopsticks were red and blue, we had one of each color.

Finally, I spent some of today on the honeymoon photos again. I got through our Ireland photos and chuckled delightfully when I found the photo of Ulick.

Ulick was our bed and breakfast host in Galway. He came up to us at the train station and asked if we needed a place to stay, told us his fee and we decided to go with him as it was easier than finding somewhere on our own.

His house was fine, our bedroom was cozy, although filled with religious icons. His breakfast, however, was unique.

I don’t remember that much about the food, probably fine, probably typical Irish breakfast, but things got cold as he chatted with us about his life and asked us about ours. At one point while we were drinking our tea Ulick asked Dean if he’d ever had Poitín. When Dean replied that he didn’t even know what it was, Ulick poured some into Dean’s tea. Dean tasted it, then coughed. Poitín, you see, is Irish “moonshine” and very potent. Note that I was not offered a taste…

Ulick in his kitchen.

On the very rare occasion that Dean accidently tucks his outside shirt into his underwear, I call him Ulick.

Featured photo courtesy The Washington Post.