Day 138: Clean Teeth

About a year ago I cancelled an appointment with my delightful* dentist, Neal Hoyson, because I was so busy at work and his office is 30 minutes away with no traffic.

Then covid happened and they closed down for more than two months and I wasn’t ready to even leave the house, much less open my mouth to even my beloved dentist. Then I retired and Dean didn’t pick up the dental insurance so I had to wait until January for an appointment. (all the while covid is worse than this summer).

He and his dental hygienist were decked out in full-on hazmat gear which could have been weird, but it wasn’t weird. Now my teeth are clean.

*Back when we first moved to Bethesda, I’d not gone to the dentist in at least four years. I’d always been a little lax about going to the dentist once I was no longer living with my parents. I did find a dentist when we lived in Alexandria, but had a car accident on the way to see him and never rescheduled. Once in Bethesda, I remember getting an advertisement in the mail about a gentle dentist and decided to try him out (kids in tow because I had no babysitter). I fell in love with him and his practice — he was from Pittsburgh (yay!) and very kind and gentle. I liked Dr. Hoyson and his practice so much that I baked them muffins and dropped them off when I went for a follow-up appointment for a night guard.

Photo stolen from Dr. Hoyson’s website.

Day 133: A Walk

We’d planned on walking to the NIH wetlands/pond today because it was delightfully sunny with a high in the high 50s but I decided to take a more doable walk around the neighborhood on my own instead.

I am glad I did. I didn’t walk far, a few blocks and back, but I did it at my own pace and took some photos along the way.

I also ran into two neighbors and had brief, yet delightful, chats with both.

Getting out and seeing people make me happy so why do I dread it so?

Another delight was fireside Moscow mules made with my home-brewed ginger beer.

Days ????: Remembered Forgotten Delights

Because several of the past entries were written weeks after the actual days, I forgot about some.

In no particular order:

  • Alex made a wreath and brought it to our house when they came for their extended visit. It is lovely and still delights me with its scent when I pass my front door on sunny days.
  • I had my first house dream in a very long time. Once again, we’d moved from our home into a house with many rooms, some hidden. The previous owners had left many of their belongings and I was delighted that I had a chance to visit each room and see what was left behind. I was disappointed when I awoke.
  • Our neighbors brought us some delightfully delicious mincemeat cookies delightfully wrapped in red cellophane.
  • Alex made Christmas morning scones.

Days 116 – 119: Planning Christmas Week

Delightfully, Andrew and Alex suggested they stay with us for several days through Christmas Day. They live 30 minutes away, so could come once or twice and then on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day instead. This is so wonderfully sweet of them.

I’ve decided to make a vegetarian paella on Christmas Day along with tapas. Alex is going to make a Spanish dessert.

A few years ago we began a tradition of eating Ethiopian food on Christmas eve, so we’ll continue that this year and order takeout from our favorite local Ethiopian restaurant, CherCher in Bethesda.

We all really enjoy Indian food, especially from Kadhai in Bethesda, so we are planning on getting takeout from them one day next week.

Looking at the range of foods already decided, we have decided to have a meal from a different continent each day. The three remaining continents, Oceania, North America and South America will be represented by food from New Zealand, the United States and probably Peru.

I had a delightful email conversation with our Linda/Mali about some New Zealand recipes tonight.

Photo courtesy Yasen, owner of WoodenCraftsBG on Etsy.

Day 110: Happy again

This morning I decided that today was the day I went to Costco. No more procrastinating.

I don’t know if it was that resolution or the fact that the sun was shining brightly when I brought in my Hungry Harvest delivery, but as I picked up my HH box I surprised myself by singing “It’s a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood.” Aloud. In my pajamas. Embarrassing, but delightful.

The trip to Costco, while not delightful, was not dreadful.

Also, it was an awesome hair day.

Dinner was also delightful. I’d planned on making dill pickle soup, but instead made spaghetti and meatballs, a fantastic salad and a bread platter with prosciutto, anchovies, capers and Stracchino cheese.

Bookgroup (via Zoom) was delightful as well.

Oh, and Dean received a prestigious award from work.