Day 364: Delightful Items on a Delightful Walk

I awoke refreshed today, despite my watch telling me my sleep was worse than yesterdays (although still “good”) so after coffee I took a walk around my neighborhood. Many years ago I determined that if I walk the perimeter of our neighborhood (except for a couple busy streets) I’ll have walked a mile. It doesn’t seem like much, but I am terribly out of shape.

I did the perimeter today and snapped some photos of delightful things along the way. (which is probably why my watch didn’t consider it exercise!).

I saw some fruit that I’d seen before but I didn’t know what it was. The crows were gobbling them up. Turns out it’s a non-native (Kousa) dogwood. A few houses later I discovered Brickhenge! On the next street was a sign in the grass which read “The Poo Fairy doesn’t live here. Please scoop your dog’s poop! Thank you.” Then, on the same lawn was a tree made from a metal pipe, wire and fairy lights. I need to visit it at night sometime. A few doors down I saw some Japanese Maple leaves and whirligigs (seeds) in the sun. The photo does not do it justice until you really zoom in. While not new to me, I saw that the chimney without a house now has some scaffolding. As I walked on another street I noticed something orange in a tree branch. At first I thought it might be a group of early autumn-colored leaves, then I was disappointed that it was a balloon, but finally noticed it was a ball. Finally, across and down the street from my house was a huge mushroom whose cap was the size of a dinner plate.

Day 349: A Farmers’ Market, an Old Growth Forest, a Touristy Town, and a Fish Fry

A day full of delights!

Brandon wanted to go to the Minocqua Farmers’ Market so we did. I bought some delightful jelly and jam (including thimble berry and gooseberry) and some vegetables for a salad I was planning on making. Rupert and Chum posed with a large cabbage.

Later that afternoon, while down a rabbit hole of websites about trees I wondered if we were near an old grown forest so searched for it. I found one about 90 minutes away (at first I thought it was less than an hour, but I didn’t have the right location). Dean had free time so we drove to Cathedral Pines/Woods, part of the Chequamegon-Nicolet National Forest. This 40-acre grove has trees that are nearly 300 years old. It was highly delightful! Rupert and Chum were quite impressed!

On the way back from the old growth forest we stopped in Wabeno, a delightfully touristy town where we toured the Wabeno Logging Museum, visited a schoolhouse and walked along a small river.

That night we had fish-fry at the Hazlehurst Pub. The fish was delightful, but being at the pub, in my opinion, was asking to catch Covid. Brother had no interest in sitting outside.

Day 133: A Walk

We’d planned on walking to the NIH wetlands/pond today because it was delightfully sunny with a high in the high 50s but I decided to take a more doable walk around the neighborhood on my own instead.

I am glad I did. I didn’t walk far, a few blocks and back, but I did it at my own pace and took some photos along the way.

I also ran into two neighbors and had brief, yet delightful, chats with both.

Getting out and seeing people make me happy so why do I dread it so?

Another delight was fireside Moscow mules made with my home-brewed ginger beer.

Day 115: Sunset

Very possibly other things delighted me today, but since I am writing this much later, I don’t remember much of the day except the beautiful sunset with a tree branch in front that I tried to photograph from my study window.

Here’s the same view with the background in focus.