Day 319: Anticipation

Clare’s arriving tomorrow with Pete. I couldn’t be more excited. I have not seen her in over a year and a half.

The photo at the top is from the the last time she was here, Christmastime 2019/2020.

We can never know about the days to come
But we think about them anyway

Carly Simon

Day 202: Wintersweet (again), Maple Blossoms, and Daffodils

Remember my wintersweet? I transplanted it earlier in the week and when I looked at it this morning I noticed that its secondary leaves were no longer just a nub. I don’t know if it was the transplanting or if it was a coincidence, but I’m delighted!

There’s a maple tree outside my office window and I enjoy watching its maroon buds swell as winter turns to spring. I was delighted today to see the buds are now tiny yellow flowers. Aaaachoo!

I talked about springsigns earlier, but today noticed the daffodils were popping out. I harvested a few for the kitchen.

Day 138: Clean Teeth

About a year ago I cancelled an appointment with my delightful* dentist, Neal Hoyson, because I was so busy at work and his office is 30 minutes away with no traffic.

Then covid happened and they closed down for more than two months and I wasn’t ready to even leave the house, much less open my mouth to even my beloved dentist. Then I retired and Dean didn’t pick up the dental insurance so I had to wait until January for an appointment. (all the while covid is worse than this summer).

He and his dental hygienist were decked out in full-on hazmat gear which could have been weird, but it wasn’t weird. Now my teeth are clean.

*Back when we first moved to Bethesda, I’d not gone to the dentist in at least four years. I’d always been a little lax about going to the dentist once I was no longer living with my parents. I did find a dentist when we lived in Alexandria, but had a car accident on the way to see him and never rescheduled. Once in Bethesda, I remember getting an advertisement in the mail about a gentle dentist and decided to try him out (kids in tow because I had no babysitter). I fell in love with him and his practice — he was from Pittsburgh (yay!) and very kind and gentle. I liked Dr. Hoyson and his practice so much that I baked them muffins and dropped them off when I went for a follow-up appointment for a night guard.

Photo stolen from Dr. Hoyson’s website.