Day 274: Are You Sick of Cicada Posts Yet?

I’d mentioned a while back that I had not seen a cicada mid-molt yet this time ’round. That is deligtfully no longer that case. On a morning walk after a rain, I saw every stage of molting.

Day 273: Run Andrew Run. Run Alex Run.

Andrew and Alex trained for a half-marathon and ran it this morning. They originally considered running in an established run, but decided to keep safe and just do it themselves. They both made it to at least 13 miles and enjoyed the celebration with several friends after. It was our first big gathering in over 17 months (which is not quite as long as that cicada at the end — he/she had to wait 17 years!)

Day 272: Rice for Breakfast

I like rice. I have always liked rice. When I used to babysit, and if the parents had Minute Rice (r) in their pantry, I’d often make myself a bowl of rice as a snack.

This morning I made myself a bowl of rice with rice seasoning and hardboiled egg. It was delightful.

Day 270: Peonies

How do you pronounce peony? I say PEE-own-ee. A long-ago teacher friend called them pee-OWN-ees. However they are pronounced, they delight me.

That’s just one memory I have of peonies. I also remember my mom’s peony bushes on the south side of her house. Their blooming meant that summer was almost here and school was nearly over. I regret that I didn’t try to take some of her bushes.

I also won’t forget the peony bushes that Bob Resnik gave me — those are still in my back yard and I cut some flowers from them each year and inhale their delightful fragrance whenever I am nearby.