Day 1: It’s my birthday and I’ll blog if I wanna

New year, new blog, new challenge. While New Year’s Day is often the day I/we set out to become better people in some way or another, birthdays are also days we can start afresh. In the past I’ve meant to do that selfie-a-day thing, but usually stopped after a couple. One year I tried a photo a day. That didn’t last long either.

My challenge is not to fulfill any resolutions, but to simply look for the good every day; the delights as Ross Gay, whose theme of The Book of Delights I am borrowing for a year, calls them.

I’ve not decided for sure when I will write, but I think it will be at day’s end and document the day’s delights. While I hope to write daily, I am sure I will miss a day or two or perhaps a week or two.

I’ll update this post before I go to bed tonight to add my day’s delights.

Some visual delights today, too tired to write.