Day 164: Full-night’s Sleep and Another Book

While my sleep score was not as good as a few nights ago, I did sleep through the night last night and woke up refreshed. That’s a delight.

Trying to read my extant books as well as past book group reads that I didn’t read when they were chosen, I started reading The Elegance of the Hedgehog again. I think I prefer the audio version to the e-book, but whatever gets the job done is fine with me. I’m finding bits of it delightful.

Day 40: Fredrik Backman

Have you met Fredrik Backman? I mentioned him on my Clutch Cargo Lips blog several years ago in my review of his novel, A Man Called Ove. I was annoyed at him for making it seem as if fifty-nine year old people were old. I have since forgiven him because he’s brought me so much joy by writing books about so many delightful characters.

I read Britt-Marie was Here last year and really enjoyed it. At our book group Zoom meeting last month I suggested we read another Fredrik Backman book and Diana (the unofficial book group leader) suggested that instead of everyone reading the same book, choose any one of his books to read and then tell the group about it. I chose My Grandmother Asked Me to Tell You She’s Sorry and am loving it (this is where we are introduced to Britt-Marie). I’m reading it on Kindle, and listening to it on Audible.

What I like about Backman’s writing is that his characters all well described — not physically necessarily; but their personalities shine in his writing. I feel that I know these characters very well.

In this time of hunkering down with only my husband, having a roomful of other people, thanks to Fredrik Backman, is truly a delight.