Day 165: SIL Zoom. Also Baking

I spent about an hour this morning talking with my sisters-in-law. We are rarely ever together at the same time. Fifteen years ago we took a Caribbean cruise together. They are all quite delightful.

After the Zoom session I baked. I made a pullman loaf because I wanted a sandwich and a cake because I needed to use up some lemon curd.

The bread looked delightful, but I am not happy with the taste. The cake looked a mess, but it was delightfully delicious.

Day 161: Several Delights

New Deck Furniture

The Friday before last, after cocktails, Dean and I decided to order the outdoor furniture he’d been eyeing. It arrived yesterday. Dean put it together today. It’s lovely. It will be delightful when we can use it in the spring. It seats up to 8 when expanded with the leaf — maybe even 10!

Window Appreciation

When we were planning the kitchen remodel we had to lose a window. Dean wanted a window on the west side, but I didn’t want the window since I thought it would look weird right next to the sliding French doors. I was wrong and I readily admit it. The afternoon sun is delightful and it delightfully holds my plants and the Salt and Pepper chefs.

Andrew and Alex’s Anniversary

Andrew and Alex invited us over for dinner. Everything about it was delightful, especially the company but that cake was a close runner-up.